About us

At Bold Interior, we specialize in Fitted Wardrobes, Fitted Sliding Wardrobes, Walk In Wardrobes, Attic Wardrobes and many other types of fitted furniture, even in unusual shapes and sizes.We manage te maintain low costs to provide cheap titted wardrobes.

The Bold Interior Company works closely with you to deliver superior quality handcrafted luxury furniture for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.We design and create beautiful bespoke wardrobes and dressing rooms for luxury residential properties.Beautifully handcrafted and finished on site, all of our extremely beautiful wardrobes are made in the UK.

During the design consultation you will be presented with a range of samples and be guided through each stage of the process from your order to complete installation.

We believe that the bedroom is a very important, but often underrated, part of your home.
Fitted bedrooms It is our aim to make your bedroom a comfortable, functional and beautiful place to be in. As such, our wardrobes are designed…
to fit your room to fit your budget to fit your individuality to fit your lifestyle.